We offer most cuts of lamb on a daily basis.

If you would like to try somehting different just ask one of our team.

Whole/Half Lambs to order only.

(1 weeks notice is needed)

Leg of Lamb
Shoulder of Lamb
Boned & Rolled Shoulder/Leg
Lamb Steaks
Lamb Cutlets
Loin/Barnsley Chops
Neck Fillets
Diced Lamb
Shoulder Steaks
Breast of Lamb
Lamb Noissettes
Lamb Mince
Lamb & Mint Burgers
Stewing Lamb

Grass fed Lamb

The lambs that we rear here on the farm are mainly born during January and April.

As soon as lambs are strong enough, usually by 48 hours old, they are moved from our warm sheds to grass paddocks with their mums. They will remain on grass throughout the year.

We do not give our sheep any extra feed other than home produced hay to help them when the weather is bad and grass struggles to grow.

The mutton sold in our shop also comes from our farm and is produced on the same grass-fed system.

Lamb - English Cuts St Albans