Other meat orders are still open BUT…

23rd collection is FULL

Orders can be placed by email or in the shop

Forms are available in the shop or can be downloaded to fill in at home and bring with you.

Meat Order Form

To place an order by email forms are not required, just a list is required including:


  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Date of collection (preference of AM or PM )
  • A list of the items you would like (sausage flavors available to order are listed below)


You are more than welcome to use our order forms in an email but they are not required to place an order, we will send conformation to all orders received.

We are encouraging customers, where possible, to please freeze smaller items such as sausages, burgers, bacon and sausage meat in advance to reduce your stress and costs Christmas week!



Sausage flavors are limited to the following Christmas week orders:

Traditional Pork
Pork Chipolatas
Gluten Free Pork
Pork, Cider & Bacon

Other flavors can be bought in advance and frozen at home along with 500g packs of sausage meat.


Due to several changes at Hedges Farm and national bird flu risk, the turkeys we
are able to offer this year will all be FREE RANGE birds, grown slowly on a traditional family farm in Suffolk.

The whole grain feed they are offered is all produced on the same farm, no additives or growth promoters are used.

The birds will have had a happy life on
grassy fields unless poultry regulations restrict them for national safety at any time.


**ALL POULTRY 2023**

Due to the unpredictable bird flu situation still being a potential risk nationally this year, any farms in the UK may be caught out, we will let everyone know if there are any issues regarding supply of your order, we will inform all you as soon as possible. Thank you.