Other meat orders are still open BUT…

23rd collections are FULL!


Our order form is available below to help you, this can be handed to our butchers in the shop.

Meat Order Form 23 PDF


Email orders do not require the form, just a list of the items required, your full name, date of collection and preference of AM or PM


Christmas & New years hours are available here:

Christmas Hours


Our apologies but GEESE, PARTRIDGES & CHICKENS over 4kg will NOT be available this year

Ducks and chickens under 4kg can be pre ordered for Christmas week.


All meat ESPECIALLY POULTRY must be stored in the fridge and out of the plastic bag as this causes condensation and bacteria.

If items are vacuumed this is not an issue 


Turkey size – A rough guide to the number of people a turkey will feed:

5kg – 6 to 10 people
6kg – 10 to 11 people
7kg – 11 to 13 people
8kg – 13 to 15 people
9kg – 15 to 17 people
10kg – 17 to 19 people
11-13kg – 19+ people

Calm Christmas tips...
Christmas is a time to celebrate and relax, to help you, we encourage customers to spread the cost and stress of the day by buying items in advance. Sausages, burgers, bacon, even joints can all be frozen at home, then defrosted slowly in the fridge a few days before they are needed with very little noticeable difference, just ask in the shop for advice or for smaller items to be vacuumed. #HelpUsHelpYuo
Will turkeys need to be refridgerated?
All turkeys and meat must be refridgerated! Take the turkey out of the bag, remove the giblets from inside but still keep them sealed in the fridge. (Alcohol will be just as cold in a bucket of water leaving fridge space for the Turkey/Meat!)
What size/flavour are the Sausage meat tubes?
Sausage meat tubes at #hedges are filled with Tradtional Pork flavour sausage meat or on request gluten free sausage meat and weigh on average 500g each, other flavors can be purchased in advance and frozen.
When can Orders be collected?
Main days of collection for orders are the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of December, opening hours can be found on our Christmas Hours Page
How are orders paid for/are deposits taken?
All payments can be made on collection of orders either by card (other than American Express) or cash.
Average Turkey Prices
Cooking Weight in KG's with average prices (these are based on weight so will vary a little) 2023 prices will be confirmed ASAP 4-5 kg £ 5-6kg £ 6-7kg £ 7-8kg £ 8-9kg £ 9-10kg £ 10-11kg £ 11-12kg £ 13kg+ £
How can orders be placed?
Our Christmas order form is available above to help you. - You can email a list of items, with full name and collection details - Come in to discuss your order or bring the form to the shop
Which is usually better for collection - AM or PM?
On the 23rd and 24th AM collections are usually more popular, PM collection is therefore usually quieter.
Will turkeys come with giblets?
All of our turkeys come with their giblets which are inside in a sealed bag.
Can crowned turkeys be ordered?
Yes, we do offer crowns, the cut will be completed on collection, you will still need to take the legs and thighs which can be frozen for later use.
What is the weight range of turkeys?
Our turkeys range from 4.5kg to around 13kg, orders are to be placed in weight brackets, we will be as accurate as we can to keep to these brackets when allocating your turkey.
Average numbers in 1KG
(Sausages and burgers are handmade so numbers vary slightly) Sausages - 12 per KG Chipolatas - 20 per KG Back Bacon - 20 per KG Streaky Bacon - 32 per KG Burgers - 9/10 per KG
New year orders
It is a good idea to place orders, especially for larger items for the New Year to guarantee the perfect celebrations.