We offer many different cuts of beef on a daily basis including our award winning steaks

If there is something special you would like… just ask!

Fillet Steak
Sirloin Steak
Rump Steak
Rib-eye steak
Bone in Fore Rib
Rolled Back Rib
Rolled Sirloin
BBQ Steak
Braising Steak
Stewing Steak
Rolled Brisket
Salt beef to order
Beef Mince
Beef Burgers
Diced Beef
Ox – Tail
Ox-Tongue (Salted or unsalted)


Hereford Beef

All our beef here at Hedges Farm is sired by Hereford Bulls. This native breed ensures many benefits from ease of handling to meat flavour and marbling.

Calves are born here from January to May in large sheds, they will then go with the cows to spend the summer rotated around several grass water meadows here at Hedges Farm.

The calves will receive no extra food during this first summer, they will rely on their mother’s milk and gradually begin to eat grass.

Calves are weaned during the late Autumn and spend winter in open sheds feeding as and when they wish to on home-produced barley, oats and grass silage.

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