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The lambs that we rear here on the farm are mainly born during February and April.

As soon as lambs are strong enough, usually by 48 hours old depending on the weather, they are moved from our warm sheds to grass paddocks and smaller fields.

Once our lambs have moved outside to the grass with the ewes they will remain there for the rest of their lives.

We do not feed any extra feed to promote growth other than home made hay (dried grass) during the colder months when vegetation struggles to grow.

The mutton which we sell in the shop also comes from our farm and is produced on exactly the same system. This mean that throughout their adult life, our sheep will only be inside during the night at lambing time for their safety and health.


Our beef here at Hedges Farm is sired by Hereford Bulls. This native breed ensures many benefits from ease of handling to meat flavor and tenderness.

Our calves are born here from January to May in large sheds, they will then go with the cows to spend the summer on grass water meadows here at Hedges Farm.

The calves will receive no extra food during this first summer, they will rely on their mothers milk and gradually begin to eat grass.

The calves are weaned during the late Autumn and will spend the winter in our larger sheds feeding as and when they wish to.

Even once weaned the younger cattle will be fed purely our home produced cereal and silage diet with no additives.


We also supply locally sourced pork, poultry and game. Game may need to be ordered in advance and will often be frozen due to seasons.


We rear our own White and Bronze turkeys for Christmas.

These do need to be ordered in advance.

We try to keep some in the freezer for customers special occasions during the year as well as some very large chickens.


When visiting our shop you can pay by cash for any orders or card for orders over £5.00.

All cards, other than American Express, are accepted.